Quick Start

What is dfile?

Dfile is a crypto-decentralized file storage that helps store and share your secret files anonymously.

How to Start

It is free. Just create account with username and password to start.

How secretly are my files stored?

All contents and names of files/folders are encrypted on your browser when uploading, and nobody can read plain data without file key. File keys are also encrypted with your keys.

How can I share file/folder?

When you share files/folders in dfile, you share plain file keys which are decrypted on your browser. In most case called as Crypt Sharing, plain file keys are not stored in dfile and shared with URL of the files/folders by users, while plain file keys are stored in dfile only when users use Public Sharing

Are my files protected secretly even I share them?

With Crypto Sharing, you should share secret files/folders with whom you trust. If you use Public Sharing, you must not share secret file because any users can open the file. Files which have never shared in the past are protected secretly because only you know their file keys.

Functional Folders

Public Folder

Public Sharing folder. Any users can open files which are shared with Public Sharing by using Publish command by other users. Only owner can delete files/folders in it, and any other amending command are not allowed. Public Folder has two mode: All and Watched.

Public Folder - All mode

All files/folders which are currently shared with Public Sharing are shown.

Public Folder - Watched mode

Only files/folders which are accessed by you are shown. Note that this folder consume your storage as My Folder does.

My Folder

One of your own folder. All file commands can be used.

Sharing Folder

One of your own folder for Crypt Collaborative Sharing.

Archive Folder

one of your own folder for archiving. There are two functionalities: 1. It is not allowed to change files/folders once added to this folder except for deleting, 2. Files in this folder will not be deleted when your storage limit is exceeded. This folder is only for premium users.



Open file on browser if preview is available. Preview is supported with video files.


Download, encrypt, and save file in your local storage


Change name of file

Copy to...

Copy file to selected folder.

Move to...

Move file to selected folder.


Copy DECRYPTED file to Public Folder and make URL of file to share. Note that anyone can open published file.


Delete file and its link if existed. If the file is already shared with other user, file will be deleted only on your folder and others can still open it afterwards.

Sharing Files

Three Ways to Share Files

There are three ways to share files: 1. Public Sharing, 2. Crypto Sharing, and 3. Crypto Collaborative Sharing. URL will be provided with all sharing ways, but there are big difference among them.

Public Sharing

File key is decrypted and stored in Public Folder so that any logged-in users can access file. Non-logged-in user can only open file via URL access.

Crypto Sharing

File key is encrypted and URL contains plain File key to be shared with other users. Non-logged-in user can open file via URL.

Crypto Collaborative Sharing

File key is encrypted and URL contains plain File Key. Other users have to import file to own Sharing Folder to open the file. Changing files/folders in Sharing Folder will be affect to other users Sharing Folder if they share the same files/folders.

Storage Usage

Cumulative Usage

Total size of files in user's storage. Duplicated files which is copied "Copy to..." command or others are count once.

Net Usage

Total amount of prorated file size in user's storage. Duplicated files which is copied "Copy to..." command or others are count once.

How to calculate prorated file size

It is based on how many premium users share the file. The formula is: proratedSize = fileSize * min(premiumUserCount, a) / premiumUserCount, where a is margin (currently a = 2) consumed by free users.

What if my storage limit is exceeded?

User account will be locked when it is exceeded, and only delete command is allowed until the excess is resolved. Pro user can delete file manually, and other user only can delete all files except for Archive Folder. If excess is not resolved for 7 days after account is locked, all files except for ones in Archive Folder will be deleted. Storage limit excess is examined when users log-in or 7 days later from the last log-in.

My storage limit is exceeded while I did not upload new file.

Here are possible causes: 1. Storage is consumed when user opens file in Public Folder, which can be huge for some users, 2. Other user who shares files with you quits sharing and prorated file size get larger, 3. Other user who shares folder in Shared Folder with you adds file to the folder, and 4. Premium user account is expired.

After deleting some files, my storage usage is still large.

Try some of the followings: 1. Make sure that the file you have just deleted are not duplicated. For example, if you have two 1GB files which are exactly the same, just 1GB are counted for storage usage. Deleting one side will not affect to usage. 2. Delete unnecessary files/folders in Public Folder - Watched mode. and 3. Wait for a while until usage is updated.

User Account

Thee Account Types

Three account types are available: 1. Free User, 2. Premium Lite User, and 3. Premium Pro User. Higher account type is allowed to user larger storage and some more functionalities.


When user order premium account type which is higher than currently use, new account period (normally 30 days) will be started from the time. Remaining fee of current account type will be subtracted from new fee.


When user order the same premium account type as currently use, new account period (normally 30 days) will be added from the end of current account type.

Automatical Extension

Only manual extension is supported as above, so far.


No refund is supported for any reasons.


When premium account is expired, the user's account type will immediately changed into Free User and all files in Archive Folder will be deleted because Archive Folder is only for premium user. If storage limit is exceeded afterwards, users account will be locked as described here

Deleting Account

If Free User does not log-in for 30 days, the user account will be deleted.